GHA Community Management is our management company. Their address is:

Gates Hudson

3020 Hamaker Court, Suite 301

Fairfax, VA 22031

GHA’s representative at The Court, and the agent we should contact for management and maintenance issues is Brian Heisler at 703.752.8300, extension 735 and his email is: Owners may contact him directly with questions or suggestions. GHA’s role at The Court includes the following responsibilities.

* Maximize income from condo fees and identify additional ancillary income sources through comprehensive budgets

* Maintain tight controls on operating costs, including contract and contract analysis as well as provide comprehensive financial reporting

* Consistently inspect and maintain the physical property at higher levels

* Implement effective preventative maintenance programs

* Establish and enforce effective policy for delinquency

* Establish and manage a long-term Capital Improvement Program

* Asset Management to include forecasting, 5-10 year Proforma preparation, and return on investment and value analysis

* Full responsibility for all building repairs and preventative maintenance

* Hiring and supervision of all on-site personnel

* Negotiation of all service contracts and supervision of their implementation

* Handling all aspects of resident relations

* Energy Management

* IT Support Staff

* Local and National Code compliance

Other Contracted Services to The Court. In case of questions or concern about these, please contact the management company.

Multiple Services

Multiple Services has been providing our tri-weekly cleaning service for several years. That work includes cleaning the A and B units foyers, sweeping steps and walkways, wiping handrails and electrical meter boxes.


Wright Mechanical

Wright Mechanical does service for HVAC, plumbing, and any other services on the mechanical systems of the condominium.



The cable television services at The Court is provided by Comcast by a single contract for Basic Cable.


Greenscene Landscaping

Greenscene has tended our landscaping for several years. Their annual contract provides for their garden maintenance, annual mulching, leaf removal and clean-up, and fertilizing of shrubs.


Tenleytown Trash Removal

Tenleytown Trash Removal has provided our trash removal for several years.


R. T. MacKenzie Irrigation

R. T. MacKenzie Irrigation does the irrigation of the common areas around the buildings.

Property Management
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